A Tale of Two Styles

Stephen Crafti

Melbourne’s rich architectural legacy has been formed partially by the diversity of its buildings, both in the domestic and commercial arenas. While there’s not a definitive demarcation of styles, architectural practices in this city tend to gravitate towards the recessive, discrete façade, or the bold and graphic. And of course there are a multitude of approaches along this broad continuum. Those in the recessive camp could include some of Melbourne’s finest minimalists, such as Sean Godsell Architects, Denton Corker Marshall and Kerstin Thompson Architects. And in the more expressive group, the work of McBride Charles Ryan (MCR), ARM Architecture and Lyons Architecture, come to the fore of one’s mind. “Architecture is integral to Melbourne’s culture,” says Debbie Ryan, co-director of MCR. “Historically, we have always had great patrons who support the arts, whether it’s dance and theatre or the built form.”


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Park Street House Robert Simeoni
Photography Trevor Mein