An Instantaneous Kinda Chemical Reaction

Sebastian Goldspink & Holidays On Ice

Sebastian Goldspink: So, let’s start at the start with how you guys met?

Dean Manning: Do you wanna tell the story Angie?

Angie Hart: No, you’ve got a better story.

DM: Well… we share a mutual publisher and they set up a meeting with Angie and I. Angie was on tour, and she’d been up all night by the looks of it. She still looked divine. 

Holidays on Ice, Broken 2014 (music video still)
Stop motion animation, 3.38 min
Courtesy of the artist and Cloudy But Fine/MGM

We met for breakfast and we chatted and there was just synchronicity. We both felt it and we just went straight to the studio and recorded a couple of tracks, then I drove her to the airport—this was all before midday!

That was our first experience. I listened back to the tracks and it was just magic. I went “Wow! This is something really special.” I don’t know how long it was before I spoke to you again, Angie?

AH: Yeah, I don’t remember…

Dm: For me it was quite an instantaneous kinda chemical reaction. It doesn’t happen a lot.

AH: It’s been the same for me. There’s been a great unspoken understanding about collaboration. It’s evolved without us really talking about where we are going.


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