Five Hours, Ten Artworks

Kenny Pittock

Hey, nice to meet you. My name’s Kenny Pittock, I’m a 25 year old Melbourne artist. Hi.

If you asked me to describe my art I guess I’d say that it plays with linguistics, humor, sentimentality and Australian iconography, and I think what I’m interested in are the crossovers and contradictions between the public and the personal.

One of the main things I do is make sculptures and paintings of contemporary objects, but also a big part of my practice is documenting those works within their typical context.

So ok, one example of what I mean would be last year when I made a painting and then installed it on the outside wall of my local bank.

Not necessarily for art, just for fun. I also like to try this with other people’s work. For instance last month I installed a painting by my friend and mentor Lisa Radford onto the front of a train seat while I was taking it to a gallery.

I guess because of photos like these, yesterday I was given the amazing opportunity to have a look through the Melbourne Artbank collection store, and respond to a selection of works.

Not only that, but I was also provided with both a photographer and a two person art handling crew. A bit of a change from just doing it all myself.

My goal was to try and document ten artworks in five hours.


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Darren Sylvester
On Holiday 2010
Digital Type C photograph, 120 x 160 cm
Artbank collection, purchased 2012