Gerwyn Davies: Chux, Glitter and the Occasional Hissy Fit

Miriam Kelly

“Sometimes I win, sometimes the material does.” Photo media artist Gerwyn Davies seeks to “construct a moment that is less formal more fantasy”. Each ‘moment’ of each image begins with a new fantastical costume, often the outcome of hours of wrangling unorthordox materials ranging from paint rollers and Chux to laminate and Astro-Turf. “The malleability of the material”, Davies explains, “will ultimately decide the final outcome… It makes it so satisfying to watch this costume then reveal itself as something I want to work with, or something that I have lost control of and requires a hissy fit.”

Gerwyn Davies
Milk 2013
Digital print, 103 x 103 cm
Artbank collection, purchased 2013

Gerwyn Davies
Roland 2015
Digital Type C print, 100 x 265 cm
Artbank collection, commissioned 2015

Davies lives and works between Brisbane and Berlin, also straddling the creative industries of art, advertising and commercial photography. The influence of these contexts on his art is apparent, with series titles like ‘Paradise’, ‘a million bucks’ and ‘Beast’ suggesting a wry nod to the seduction, escape and desire of contemporary advertising. Similarly, a work like Milk (2013) has the appearance of an advert without a tagline in its presentation of Davies’s characteristic playfulness, underpinned by a darker, edgier kind of absurdity.

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