I Slept With Your Image Under My Pillow

The Telepathy Project & Julie Rrap

THE TELEPATHY PROJECT (VERONICA KENT AND SEAN PEOPLES): Sean and I both slept with your image under our pillows and these are the dreams that we had.


I’m with a group of friends going to stay at my friend Sophie’s house. We travel through winding stone passageways lined with hotels and bars in a medieval town and arrive at a weatherboard house with a huge backyard that ends in a large grey factory wall. The landlord is tending a small vineyard in the backyard. We have a dinner party and I drink a glass of red—I am upset as I am trying not to drink wine, but then realise it is only grape juice. We have to wait to cook the main course as there is a vegan who needs to use the oven first before we are allowed to put our meat in. Later that night everyone settles down to sleep in swags, many sleeping in the back yard. I stand on the back deck watching an electrical storm roll in—birds are colliding and being struck by lighting and feathers fall from the sky.

The Telepathy Project
Dreaming the Collection 2013
Documentation of a site specific work, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Courtesy of the artists


I am walking down Gertrude Street in Melbourne with Veronica’s daughters. I can’t remember what, but I want to show them something from my laptop. I get it out of my bag and rest it on the window ledge outside of the Dialysis Centre. Before I even get a chance to turn on the laptop, I have to pack up and rush to the studio—I leave Sunny and Mia by themselves. When I get back to the studio I get my laptop out again but realise I am missing the keyboard and only have the screen. I realise that I left in such a rush before that I must have left the other half of my laptop back on the street. I rush downstairs to see if I can find it but instead encounter Veronica holding a brand new iPhone and coffee on top of a laptop like a canapé dish. I take her up to my studio where I explain I have been selling houses belonging to Gertrude artists over the phone. She doesn’t believe me so I demonstrate by selling a few. She laughs each time one sells. 

"It can be really hard to dream on demand..."

Later, I’m calling for a pizza. The lady on the other end says: “Afternoon, you’re speaking with Satan.” I am a little surprised by this but reply: “Hello Satan.” My girlfriend is standing beside me and laughs. She explains that all of the money for the pizza is going to the police because they did a really good job helping Susan with a boating accident the other week.

JULIE RRAP: I have had your image of Dreaming the Collection (2013) under my pillow for two nights. I have been dreaming but in the morning I can’t recall them. I will try again tonight.

VK & SP: How’s the dreaming going? It can be really hard to dream on demand, as we have found during numerous projects where we have set ourselves this challenge!


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