Reflected Glory

Rebecca Baumann & Romance Was Born

Rebecca Baumann: Anna and Luke, you have a rich history of collaboration, firstly in your working relationship together, but also with visual artists including Del Kathryn Barton, Kate Rohde and Nell. What is it about the process of collaborating that interests you?

Anna Plunkett: I think the process of collaborating for us is so unconscious, even how we started the brand, and started working together at college. It wasn’t like “Hey, let’s start a label together!” it was more like “Hey, let’s sit down and make some fun stuff that we really love.” I guess now we do have a brand and a formula of sorts to how we run our business there’s more to collaborating. Especially when it’s with people you don’t have an existing relationship with, it’s sort of like going on a date; you have to suss each other out and you get a bit nervous and all butterfly like sometimes when it’s people you have admired for such a long time.

Luke Sales: Collaboration is how we started and even how Anna and I started working together really. We did projects and stuff together at fashion school cause they were so boring, and it’s kinda like that still. It is exciting to collaborate with new people all the time, because the cycle of fashion is so monotonous and never ending; it’s nice to have some one new to mix it up.

RB: One of the reasons I was interested in collaborating with you guys was to see what would happen when I relinquished some control. By nature I am a bit of a control freak—as most artists probably are—so it was a challenge to work within this different context,   and to collaborate, which I had never actually done before.

Although in saying that, I consider the materials I work with to be collaborators of sorts. In many of my works I create a space for something to happen—a stage where the material I’m working with becomes the performer.

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Romance Was Born & Rebecca Baumann
‘Reflected Glory’ 2014
Installation at Carriageworks, Sydney
Photography Zan Wimberley