Things that Quicken the Heart

Gina Mobayed

The heart is burdened and blessed with a volume of adjectives used for our defining moments in life: beating, big, broken, heavy, bleeding, full. Sitting in the very centre of our physical being, encased within a cage of bone lies the vital organ, weighted with the responsibility of keeping us alive, and the fear of what may happen when it stops. We learn early that it is a symbol of love <3

In the binary of the brain, two hemispheres work to weigh logic and reason against desire, risk and consequence. Yet it is the heart that will break if the rush is too strong, or burst if the joy too great. It is our referent to all things exquisite and all things unbearable.

The following works capture moments of human experience when the sensation felt was powerful enough to slip beyond the viscera protecting the heart, and interrupt its rhythm. They are strung together simply for their suggestion of intensity, and offer us reminders of what it is to find our way and connect to ourselves, or another.

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Todd McMillan
Flare   2012
Type C colour photograph, 117 x 96 cm
Artbank collection, purchased 2013